Jasmine Moran Books

There are a couple of great authors tied to the Jasmine Moran's Children's Museum. Here's a preview of their work:


The Impossible Dream: The Miracle of the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum

by Karen Anson, with contributions by Paul Lambert

The Impossible Dream Karen AnsonAn incredible tale that began with a visit from God in a Jerusalem hotel room spins to its conclusion in a small economy-stricken town half a world away. The man, Melvin Moran, moved by his after-death experience, made a promise that he still tries to keep 30 years later. With divine intervention, observed and remarked upon by many along the way, the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum became a reality. There were many times that things should not have happened, but did. From phantom donors to mishaps-turned-golden, the creation of the Jasmine Moran Children's Museum, in a time and place where everyone knew it could not work, was indeed a miracle, and a dream that could only come true with the hard work of a truly good man, with his wife and his God behind him.

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Moving Heaven and Earth: The Life of Melvin Moran

by Karen Anson

Heaven and Earth Karen AnsonMelvin Moran was born Sept. 18, 1930, in St. Joseph, Missouri, to European Jews. He lived through more than one Depression and rose to the top through the economic highs and lows of the last 80 years, filling his life with humor and fun along the way. He served in a top secret unit of the United States Air Force in London, where he met a West End showgirl and made her his wife. Though most of his life was spent in a small town in central Oklahoma, Moran lived history first-hand through friendships with politicians and history-makers worldwide. None of that helped him, however, when the crisis of his life left him alone and near death in a Jerusalem hotel room. His ultimate victory resulted in his incredible contribution to Oklahoma s children, The Jasmine Moran Children s Museum, which will have impact far beyond Moran s lifetime.

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