Museum History FAQs



How did this Children's Museum come into being?

Founders Jasmine and Melvin Moran, quite by accident, visited a children's museum in Michigan with their two young granddaughters. The Morans fell in love with the idea and returned to their hometown of Seminole where they energized community leaders and visionaries with the concept of creating a world-class museum right here. It took 4 years, countless fundraising calls and the tireless work of the founders, but they succeeded in building this truly special place.

Why is the Children's Museum based on an imaginary town?

Children natually love to play in the grown-up roles of their parents. Our special place provides children an environment in which they can explore many careers, all from a pint-sized vantage point built to child-sized scale. The Jasmine Moran Children's Museum uniquely affords children the opportunity to play to learn.

How did such a special treasure come to be located in Seminole?

Because founders Jasmine and Melvin Moran believe their hometown of Seminole is a special place! The volunteer, supportive spirit and community pride makes Seminole THE perfect place for our Museum!

Where does your financial support come from?

Financial support comes from many sources including admissions, membership dues, the gift shop, individual and corporate contributions and charitable foundation grants.

Must children be accompanied by an adult?

All children must be accompanied by an adult. While there is value in allowing older children to explore on their own, parents often accompany their children because we have the perfect place for parents to learn to play again!

How do school groups use the Children's Museum?

Our Museum is a perfect place for career exploration. Students can put on the uniform of a firefighter, the judge's robe, the construction engineer's hard hat, the archeologist's safety glasses or the physician's white coat and step into a simulated workplace built just for young people. Teachers realize this is an invaluable learning experience, while students think it's just plain fun! For more information, just Contact Us!

Can adult groups use the Children's Museum?

Of course! Corporations and clubs may rent the museum during evening hours and other times when the museum is normally closed to children. We're the perfect place for a reception, a teambuilding activity or a special celebration, just Contact Us!

Can children have their birthday parties at the Children's Museum?

You bet. Celebrate your special day with us!
Reservations are required!

Birthday Blast

$10.75 children/$7.00 adults

  • You just bring the kids.
  • We will provide the following:
  • A birthday cake with the birthday child's name
  • A museum t-shirt for the birthday child
  • Punch and ice-cream for the party
  • Party favors for all the attendees (children)
  • Decorated birthday room
  • Birthday balloons


  • Minimum of 5 children
  • Prices subject to change
  • Prices include admission to the museum
  • Prices do not include sales tax
  • Passes/coupons do not apply to birthday parties
  • Museum members pay $5.75

Reservations are required:

  • 405/382-0950 or (800)259-KIDS
    Allow at least one week for scheduling
    $25 deposit is required one week in advance

*The museum is not responsible for items left in the Birthday Room.

Do you have a printable fact sheet about the museum with prices, services and general info?

We sure do! Download the general information sheet.

Do you have a printable map of the museum?

Yes we do. Download the museum map.

Where can I get a copy of TIPS (Thoughtful Ideas Promote Study)?